I love sushi. It is one of my all time favorite foods. When I was younger I only ordered the vegetable roll but thankfully my palate had expanded since then.

Today I met my old college roommate at a new to me sushi restaurant here in Louisville called Sake Blue. It was delicious. I am convinced though that anytime I order sushi at least one of the rolls has to have either cream cheese or a fried component or best case scenario, both!

I started with miso soup and then we split the following:


We got:
1) the sweet potato roll which was like sweet potato fries in a sushi roll… Genius
2) the mango tango which had crab, asparagus, cucumber, sliced mango and a white sauce
3) the MJ roll which was deep fried spicy crawfish, fresh jalapeño cream cheese and mozzarella cheese

(descriptions taken from their menu- they all sound so good)

Sake Blue
9326 Cedar Creek Way
Louisville, KY 40291