Battle of the Pizza Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

Last Thursday I tried a new (to me) pizza place Coal’s Artisan Pizza and on Saturday I went to an old favorite Clifton’s Pizza Company. Let’s compare:

First up, Waverly from Coal’s


Second, veggie from Clifton’s Pizza

Both were delicious on the night I had them. However the next day was a different story. The Waverly pizza had gorgonzola on it and despite being put promptly in the fridge the night before already had mold on the crust when I went to have it for lunch. I was a tad disappointed especially since the pizza was a total of $18. I can’t figure out what caused the mold to appear so quickly. I have had gorgonzola on pizza before and it lasted for a few days. Oh well. Can’t win them all. I still want to try some other Coal’s offerings so I’m hoping that was a fluke.

Clifton’s veggie however was delicious (and mold free) the next day.



A Week’s Worth Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

I stopped by Cake Flour last Sunday for some treats to last me through the week.


Treats included a feta olive quiche, broccoli cheddar scone, mixed berry scone, bourbon bug, hazelnut tart, and passionfruit tart

Souvenirs Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

My sister recently had a veterinary conference in Las Vegas. My parents flew out to meet her and spend the week there. I however could not make the trip because of work and watching this little guy


My parents brought me home chocolate (they know me so well). My sister sent these home with my parents to give to me


And my first coach purse. Love the color


Hillbilly Tea Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

Let me preface this with saying groupons do work. I had a groupon to Hillbilly Tea that my parents got me. Sure my meal ended up being free (besides the tip) but the restaurant now has drawn me in with it’s menu and atmosphere and I will most definitely be returning.


Pictured above is the pork belly. Described on their menu as coming with “corn pone, arugula, sorghum vinaigrette, sunny egg”.

Hillbilly Tea
120 South 1st Street
Louisville, KY
(502) 587-7350

I Cooked Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

I actually cooked dinner earlier in the week. Granted, it was not an elaborate meal but it still involved pots, pans, and the stove.

Buffalo slider topped with locally made pimento cheese on spinach feta bread.


Grocery Shop Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

This was last weeks grocery stock up:


Some of the goods included locally made pimento cheese, local eggs, ground buffalo, wild Alaskan smoked salmon, jalapeno hummus, celery, cough drops, snap peas, and arugula

I also picked up bread from the Louisville Great Harvest. I froze some to keep it fresh. My three loaves included high five fiber, spinach feta bread, and sundried tomato and Swiss bread. I got all of these for “free” because I bought a groupon to the store a few weeks ago.


Repeat Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

I went to Sweet Surrender again on a Friday night. Let us just say this place will frequently appear on the blog. Their menu changes all the time so that you can stick with an old favorite or try something new. I try and get at least one new thing there each time.

Something old (I have had before):
Espresso Trifle


Something(s) new:


Flourless chocolate cake, salted caramel macaroon, and a chocolate macaroon.

Again this is another place to try if you are in the Louisville area.

Quick Foods Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

I wish I could say I was one of these people who cooked elaborate meals during the week. However I’m not, at least during the school year. I’m all for grab and go foods, take out, and random put together foods.

Here are a few samples:

Pizza from Puccini’s Smiling Teeth

Cafe Au Lait and chocolate chip scone


Club sandwich


Zen Garden Vegetarian Restaurant Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

I have found a new favorite restaurant. It is not new to the city though, it just took me a long time to finally getting around to trying it. Even though I am not a vegetarian, I appreciate and enjoy good vegetarian or vegan food. My dishes I ordered were superb, the atmosphere peaceful and quiet.

Up first: a veggie sushi roll


Finally: orange tofu with white rice – I highly recommend this dish and restaurant if your in the Louisville area


Zen Garden Vegetarian Restaurant
2240 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 895-9114

Sugar Sunday, Feb 12 2012 

Some of the sweeter parts of the past week. The frozen yogurt was my dinner this past Wednesday night. I’m not even joking. Besides being tasty, it was also free because I had a gift card.




P.S: I hope Sweet Surrender continued to offer cake pops after Valentine’s Day. There is something about cake with icing on a stick

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