I have been having so much fun lately and have been enjoying my spring break.

What I have been up to:

1) I caught up with a friend at 60 West over martinis. We were there for 4 hours and I tried 3 different flavors. My favorite one tasted like a slightly sweet lemonade. Good food and dessert was shared.
2) I have discovered peanut butter on toast with maple syrup is delicious.

3) I got a new cookbook for $16

4) I visited my favorite coffee shop in Lexington, Common Grounds, where I spent many hours over my 6 years in Lexington

5) Smoked salmon cream cheese is a good topper for bagels

6) I am not a fan if milkshakes but fancy coffee drinks are right up my ally

7) I ate at The Pub when I was in Lexington to celebrate my friend’s birthday. Unfortunately they don’t have sweet potato fries anymore.
8) Tomorrow I am going to try and convince myself to do stuff for work…any suggestions to help my motivation over break?