Well spring break is coming to an end. It is back to work for me on Monday. I have thoroughly enjoyed my break and although work will be crazy by the time Monday comes I will have only a little over a month left until summer break. This first year as a professional and not student has flown by!

I made sure to end spring break in a fun way by taking a quick road trip to see friends in Lexington.

Friday night I made the drive up (I actually enjoy the drive-it goes by fast and brings back so many memories).

Everyone met at Outback Steakhouse for dinner. I ordered the chicken and Swiss sandwich with sweet potato fries. I am obsessed with sweet potato fries and ate all of them on my plate. The chicken sandwich had 2 bites out of it before I gave it away.

Next up was going out to watch a friend’s band play. I got to play catch up with some great people I don’t get to see often.

8 hours (!) of sleep later we went to one of my favorite places to eat in Lexington. I muss this place so much!


They had some of my favorites: tofu “egg” salad and Bombay tofu salad. I also tried a new dish from the cold bar: orzo with curry and coconut.

On the side I got my favorite smoothie. They don’t use ice so it is very thick. This one is just strawberries, banana, and Soymilk


Once I got back home to Louisville I enjoyed dessert


Other food I have been enjoying:



I also made this rice dish for lunches at school this week and to empty some of the fridge. It had wild rice, pasta sauce, white beans, Brussels spouts, and roasted red peppers