Midnight Sun Run and What Has Been Going On Tuesday, Jun 26 2012 

I have been up to quite a lot of here-enjoying Mexican food, Thai food, and my first ever Summer Solstice Festival. On Saturday my sister and I did the Midnight Sun Run here in Fairbanks. This was the first race I have completed that started at 10pm. I ended up walking the 10k with my sister and a fellow doctor she works with. I am so proud of my sister-she not only worked all day but is also almost 8 months pregnant and then worked the following day.


It was a fun night and Fairbanks definitely wins the award for the most “interesting” race I have done.

Today was fun too I got to see where my brother-in-law works and then he cooked a fantastic wild Alaskan Salmon dinner.


For the Love of Dogs Saturday, Jun 23 2012 









Alaska, thus far Saturday, Jun 23 2012 

Well it is now Friday and I have a lot to catch up on since I arrived late Tuesday night.

By the time my plane landed it was 11:30 Alaska time. My sister picked me up and it was so wonderful to see her! We arrived at the house where I was greeted by the “welcoming committee”:



They are all rescues and are super sweet. This was my first time meeting Buck since he was adopted after my visit last year.

Despite eating dinner before my flight left from Denver I was hungry by the time my flight got in and had leftover kabobs at the house-bacon wrapped chicken with mushrooms and pineapple straight from the bowl because I am classy like that.

On Wednesday my sister was working but my brother-in-law was off and we had fun doing this:


After being outside all day it was followed by the Fairbanks Goldpanners baseball game and then consumption of a key lime martini at The Pump House.

Thursday I went to lunch with my sister and also had a delicious mocha:


Friday my sister and I went for a walk first thing but the Mosquitos were absolutely ridiculous so we did not stay too long. They were biting our arms, legs, face, ears…it was horrible.

Our remedy for the day was going out for sushi and fro yo for lunch.
At Irasha we split the Tom and Jerry which was deep fried rice, spicy tuna, avocado and some type of sauce


I had the Mt. McKinley roll


Here is mine and my sister’s. She ordered the lighthouse roll (pictured in front) which had a light surrounded by cucumber. Both were delicious!


Afterwards we went to honeydew’s frozen yogurt. I had cake batter and chocolate with brownie bites, chocolate chips, sprinkles, M & M’s, and snickers with a cherry on top


After running errands I promptly fell asleep due to my consumption of a dose of Benedryl due to the previously mentioned mosquito incident.

Dinner tonight was homemade personal pizza’s on the grill. This was my first time having pizza on the grill and I will definitely have to do this again.

Mine had sauce, mozzarella cheese, sage sausage, prosciutto, pineapple, onions, and green peppers.

I also enjoyed a midori margarita on the deck. I am enjoying being able to have access to a real deal deck, especially for eating dinner.


Buck and I


Now it is time to relax on the couch. A special event is planned for tomorrow night.

Airport Food Thursday, Jun 21 2012 

I have been in Alaska for a little over a day. It has been great!

Since I was at the airport for about half a day I came prepared with snacks until it was dinner time




Dinner included a berry smoothie from Jamba Juice and a turkey and Brie panini with Cesar salad.

Here is to the start of some great adventures.

Lunch with Mom Monday, Jun 18 2012 

I took my mom out for lunch in between running errands and packing. We went to Meridian Cafe around 11:30. I have been there for breakfast before but never lunch.

I ordered the gourmet grilled cheese which contained 3 types of cheeses, local bacon, avocado, and tomatoes. It was delicious!


Now back to packing. I think Wally might want to go to Alaska too!



Happy Father’s Day Sunday, Jun 17 2012 

Happy Father’s Day to my dad!


Power Through Sunday, Jun 17 2012 

Vacation was a great balance between lounging around and getting an early start. No matter what the agenda I made sure to start the day with a great breakfast to power through.

I rotated the following breakfasts and they did a great job of keeping me full and energy up.

Oatmeal: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2t. cinnamon, 1T dried cranberries, 3/4 c. soymilk, ~1-1.5 T peanut butter, 1/2 banana and blueberries


Oatmeal: same ingredient breakdown as before only using peaches instead of banana


3/4 cup pumpkin flax granola, 3/4 cup soymilk, banana, and ~1 T. Peanut butter


Amy’s breakfast burrito


What is your favorite breakfast?

Final day Sunday, Jun 17 2012 

Summer vacation # 1 is over. Our final day included relaxing and walking around. I love how walker-friendly this area seems to be. Crosswalks and paved pathways were numerous and made it easy to leave the car parked.

This sweet kitty stayed in the parking lot regularly. A lady at the resort feeds it everyday


While walking we saw alligator friend # 2. He even swam around a bit.


Turtles were also plentiful and didn’t seem to be bothered by the gator.

After packing up and eating up the remaining food at the condo we hit the road to come home at 12:45am. I was fortunate to sleep for a large part of it and then watched the movie Philadelphia. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors and this movie did not disappoint. In fact, I was crying by the end of it.

Now I am quite content. I’m going to watch a little TV and cuddle with my little man. I missed him!



Walkin’ on the Beach Friday, Jun 15 2012 

This vacation is starting to wind down. My aunt and uncle headed back to KY today so last night we visited the beach. The condo we are staying at is a short walk to the beach:


and the ice cream store with 92 flavors. I got two scoops in a waffle cone. Ice cream for dinner, yes please!

After seeing my aunt and uncle off this morning I went back to sleep, enjoyed coffee and breakfast and then took a two hour beach walk with my dad. I enjoy walking anyway but especially enjoy it when I get to look at the ocean.

For a late lunch/early dinner we went to Mellow Mushroom at my request. I read on other blogs that they offer a tofu option and knew I had to try it,

Hummus to start-it was delicious. My mom doesn’t usually like hummus but enjoyed this.


Sadly I forgot to take a picture of my pizza. By the time the food got there I dug right in. It was epic though and made me excited that the restaurant will be coming to Louisville. I ordered a small pizza with red sauce, black olives, green peppers, jalapeƱos, tofu, and vegan cheese.

Now it is time for card playing and movie watching. I saw Apollo 13 for the first time tonight and it made my list of favorite movies.

Anyone else enjoying or looking forward to a summer vacation?

I must say I have enjoyed my time at the beach but am looking forward to this coming Tuesday. I am leaving for Alaska to visit my sister and brother-in-law.

A Taste of Charleston Friday, Jun 15 2012 

Continuing with the “day trips from Hilton Head” theme my family and I headed to Charleston for the day yesterday. As with Savannah, my parents and aunt and uncle have been there before. They spent the week there a year ago this past February.

We got ready to leave by 7:30 and then it was a 2 hour drive to our destination. Our first stop once we got there was to head to Barbara Jean’s for breakfast. I’m not sure what was going on with me but on the car ride I felt really sick to my stomach and was worried this would ruin the day in Charleston. However a delicious carb field breakfast helped to settle my stomach although I couldn’t tolerate any coffee šŸ˜¦

I had the veggie omelet with roasted potatoes and sweet jalapeƱo cornbread. Everything was delicious but I credit the potatoes with making me feel back to normal. I also must say our server (I can’t remember her name) was super sweet and friendly as well.

After breakfast we walked through city market, rode the trolley, and then walked all around the historic district. I saw Fort Sumter, the beautiful historic homes and buildings, and cannons from war time. Since we had limited time in the city, I opted to just walk around and take it all in.


Above is Fort Sumter










As with Savannah I loved the walkability of this city. I am drawn to any area where walking to places is an option. I’m pretty sure that is why I love the Highlands and the Frankfort Avenue area back home.

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