This vacation is starting to wind down. My aunt and uncle headed back to KY today so last night we visited the beach. The condo we are staying at is a short walk to the beach:


and the ice cream store with 92 flavors. I got two scoops in a waffle cone. Ice cream for dinner, yes please!

After seeing my aunt and uncle off this morning I went back to sleep, enjoyed coffee and breakfast and then took a two hour beach walk with my dad. I enjoy walking anyway but especially enjoy it when I get to look at the ocean.

For a late lunch/early dinner we went to Mellow Mushroom at my request. I read on other blogs that they offer a tofu option and knew I had to try it,

Hummus to start-it was delicious. My mom doesn’t usually like hummus but enjoyed this.


Sadly I forgot to take a picture of my pizza. By the time the food got there I dug right in. It was epic though and made me excited that the restaurant will be coming to Louisville. I ordered a small pizza with red sauce, black olives, green peppers, jalapeños, tofu, and vegan cheese.

Now it is time for card playing and movie watching. I saw Apollo 13 for the first time tonight and it made my list of favorite movies.

Anyone else enjoying or looking forward to a summer vacation?

I must say I have enjoyed my time at the beach but am looking forward to this coming Tuesday. I am leaving for Alaska to visit my sister and brother-in-law.