Here is a play by play of the last couple of days-more in words than pictures.

Wednesday: Dinner was sushi take-out from Irasha. I got the exact same sushi roll as the last time, the Mt. McKinley roll.


Thursday: I was not feeling well this morning but somehow rebounded pretty quickly and enjoyed the day. I went with my sister to her doctor’s appointment and got to hear my future niece’s heartbeat! We then picked up sandwiches from The Chowder House and went to Creamer’s field to enjoy them. This is where my sister informed me that in Fairbanks there is something called the Goosewatcher’s club. I am not sure of all the details but there is also some contest for who spots the first goose at the field. In the evening my sister made homemade enchiladas and corn and bean salad


Friday: Bagels for breakfast from Lulu’s! I had the jalapeno cheddar with chive cream cheese. I am getting spoiled with wonderful dinners. My sister and brother-in-law are excellent cooks. My cooking style is usually finding a recipe, getting ingredients, and the following the instructions. The two of them are great with just coming up with dishes on the fly. I sort of wish I was more like that. On the menu tonight was chicken and veggies with homemade peanut sauce and crab rangoons followed by oatmeal scotchies.

Saturday: Happy Birthday Dad!