On Monday July 2 I went with my brother-in-law and the 2 dogs to Whickersham Dome Trailhead. Despite the threatening clouds we decided we should try and get a small hike in since the next few days looked more threatening. Good thing we did because the next day it poured.

Despite being overcast it was a beautiful site to see. We only saw 2 other small groups the whole time so it was like having the trail to ourselves. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed it as well.








The road that we took to get there is also the start of the road that is on the t.v. show Ice Road Truckers. On the way back we saw a moose on the road that made it’s way back to the wooded area. We also stopped at the legend Hilltop Truck Stop for a slice of their famous pie. I chose the chocolate pie which was chocolate mousse and covered in whipped cream. I wish I had a picture of this because it was amazing!

What a great day!