I started this blog a little bit before New Years last year. Since 2012 is halfway over I thought it would be kind of fun to go back over the last 6 months and for me to make a list of the best food so far (I will do another list in December too).

So here it is (these numbers do not signify any particular ranking order)
1) 60 West’s chocolate martini
2) Pita Delites’ hummus
3) Highland Coffee Company’s vegan chocolate bundt cake
4) Queen of Sheba’s vegetarian combination
5) Bristol’s green chili wontons
6) Sweet Surrender’s cake pops
7) Zen Garden’s orange tofu
8) Sweet Surrender’s espresso trifle and French macaroons
9) Clifton’s veggie pizza
10) Hillbilly Tea’s white bean burger
11) Heart and Soy’s yellow curry soup, jicama rolls, and tofu chocolate peanut butter pie
12) Annie May’s Sweet Cafe allergen free supercharge me cookie
13) Meridian Cafe’s gourmet grilled cheese
14) Irasha’s Mt. McKinley roll (in Alaska)
15) Sunergos Coffee’s soy latte

I enjoyed looking at my past posts and recalling all the delicious food I had. Hopefully part 2 will have just as much good food.