Simple Wednesday, Aug 1 2012 

Sometimes simple is best. All ingredients were from the farmers’ market making this a delicious local dinner.



Good Food Monday, Jul 30 2012 

Saturday was my first visit to the St. Matthews farmer’s market since being in Alaska. I got a lot of goodies and they have been making my meals a lot tastier and interesting.





Sunday I met a good friend from high school. I had not seen her in a long time and it was great to catch up. You know it is a good friendship when you can pick up right where you left off. We met at the halfway point in LaGrange. I live in Louisville, she lives in Carrollton so this was perfect. We met at One Nineteen West for dinner. I had pepperocini peppers stuffed with pimento cheese(!) and deep fried. They came with the best hot pepper jelly. I also got a salad with fixings and bleu cheese dressing that had chunks of cheese in it-very tasty. To finish it off I had a slice of banana toffee pie and a bite of bourbon chocolate brownie. It was so good to see Kristin and I cannot wait for her wedding in October!

Jeans and Sweatshirts Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 

First of all, I must say that I am loving the fact that it is mid-July and I get to wear sweatshirts and jeans mist days. It has been anywhere from the 50s to low 70s here in Alaska. I feel bad for all those back in KY (and across the country) who have had multiple days of 100+ degree heat. Let’s get to what has been happening here. I have been busy since the mid-week holiday of July 4.
On Thursday my sister and I had breakfast at Sourdough Sam’s. Rumor has it that when the building burned a family member went back in to get the sourdough starter. My sister had the sourdough pancakes which I tasted and were unique in a good way. I ordered the Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. Since that was not enough sugar for one day I also got a caramel latte shake from the “farthest north” Cold Stone ice cream store later in the day.
For dinner I made this recipe for baked spaghetti.

Friday involved going to Irasha for sushi and for the third time I got the Mount McKinley roll. I cannot help it-it is just so good that I never want to get anything different. While running errands my sister picked up this:

Saturday involved a trip to the Fairbanks Farmers Market! It was quite large and busy which is always a good thing.
My sister found a beautiful bouquet of peonies:

We got some veggies and stopped at the honey bakery booth for fresh bread, macaroons, blueberry cake and the most delicious cream rolls which were fresh cream surrounded by homemade waffle cone wrapping.
Later that day my sister made chicken salad

20120710-095941.jpg which contained light and dark meat (from a rotisserie chicken), Italian parsley, mayo, tomato, red onion, sliced almonds, and Parmesan cheese.
I made my favorite pimento cheese

I didn’t measure but used freshly grated sharp cheddar, real mayo, cayenne, and diced pimentos. Sometimes I also add diced jalapeƱos for a spicy kick.
Sunday was my brother-in-law’s 30 birthday. My sister made French toast

We celebrated with dinner at Shogun Hibachi Grill and followed with homemade ice cream cake.


My brother-in-law and I went on an adventure yesterday but that deserves it’s own post which will come soon.

Farmer’s Market Breakfast Sunday, Jun 10 2012 

Today’s breakfast was courtesy of the farmer’s market. I picked up breakfast for my parents and I. Most of the items came from Cake Flour, an all-natural and organic bakery in the NuLu District.

We split the following:
Cinnamon roll, blueberry scone, and crepe with raspberries. I also had local blueberries with Greek yogurt.


Melted nutella= mmmmmm


My parents and I leave for vacation tomorrow. We are driving to the beach in South Carolina and my aunt and uncle are meeting us there. Since we are leaving at 4am I got us extra breakfast to take with us: apple pecan crumble cake, peach muffin, and a blueberry scone. Oh and more blueberries.


Next post-food on the road for a long road trip. This is the first year I have planned ahead to ensure I have quality food instead of relying on the restaurant we happen to come across. More info to come.

Question for conversation: if you are going out for breakfast (or grabbing something to go), what would you want to order?

Perfect Eggs Tuesday, Jun 5 2012 

Food from today was all about the goods from the farmer’s market.

I set my alarm this morning and went for a walk with my mom at the track a few miles from our house.

First, my caffeine


While walking we saw bunnies (which you can barely see in the photo)


The side for lunch was all local including the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, kale, onion, and beets.


Dinner involved the perfect eggs-my method is:
1) use real and quality butter in the pan


2) use local eggs


3) cook over low heat for a longer period of time-make sure eggs don’t get too dry

Besides eggs I also had more things from the farmer’s market: gnocchi with sweet onion condiment and raspberries