Alaska, thus far Saturday, Jun 23 2012 

Well it is now Friday and I have a lot to catch up on since I arrived late Tuesday night.

By the time my plane landed it was 11:30 Alaska time. My sister picked me up and it was so wonderful to see her! We arrived at the house where I was greeted by the “welcoming committee”:



They are all rescues and are super sweet. This was my first time meeting Buck since he was adopted after my visit last year.

Despite eating dinner before my flight left from Denver I was hungry by the time my flight got in and had leftover kabobs at the house-bacon wrapped chicken with mushrooms and pineapple straight from the bowl because I am classy like that.

On Wednesday my sister was working but my brother-in-law was off and we had fun doing this:


After being outside all day it was followed by the Fairbanks Goldpanners baseball game and then consumption of a key lime martini at The Pump House.

Thursday I went to lunch with my sister and also had a delicious mocha:


Friday my sister and I went for a walk first thing but the Mosquitos were absolutely ridiculous so we did not stay too long. They were biting our arms, legs, face, ears…it was horrible.

Our remedy for the day was going out for sushi and fro yo for lunch.
At Irasha we split the Tom and Jerry which was deep fried rice, spicy tuna, avocado and some type of sauce


I had the Mt. McKinley roll


Here is mine and my sister’s. She ordered the lighthouse roll (pictured in front) which had a light surrounded by cucumber. Both were delicious!


Afterwards we went to honeydew’s frozen yogurt. I had cake batter and chocolate with brownie bites, chocolate chips, sprinkles, M & M’s, and snickers with a cherry on top


After running errands I promptly fell asleep due to my consumption of a dose of Benedryl due to the previously mentioned mosquito incident.

Dinner tonight was homemade personal pizza’s on the grill. This was my first time having pizza on the grill and I will definitely have to do this again.

Mine had sauce, mozzarella cheese, sage sausage, prosciutto, pineapple, onions, and green peppers.

I also enjoyed a midori margarita on the deck. I am enjoying being able to have access to a real deal deck, especially for eating dinner.


Buck and I


Now it is time to relax on the couch. A special event is planned for tomorrow night.


Food Frenzy Sunday, Jun 10 2012 

Been having some good food lately.
One of my favorite combinations: Rudi’s bread, almond butter, and banana


Above was the main ingredient for B.L.Ts: local bacon

My favorite pizza: Amy’s roasted vegetable (no cheese)


Miso soup and tofu spring rolls from Simply Thai, one of my favorite Thai restaurants.



New to me larabar flavor (delicious)


Whole foods salad:
The toppings


All mixed together


Farmers’s market blueberries from last Saturday


Allergen-free supercharge me cookie from Annie May’s Sweet Cafe, an allergen free bakery on Frankfort Avenue


Anyone else enjoying some delicious summertime food?

Oh Yes I Did Wednesday, Apr 11 2012 

I went back to Hillbilly Tea today for lunch with my mom. Yes I went there on Monday for lunch and today is only Wednesday. My family had 2 living social deals that were set to expire at the end if the month. I bought one and my parents had bought one. My meal on Monday was so good that I got the exact same thing.


My mom got the smoked chicken salad. She was the adventurous foodie one by trying something different.


Burgers and Fries Saturday, Mar 24 2012 




On Saint Patrick’s Day I participated in a 10k. I made my goal of running 4.0 miles! Now the 10 Miler is just over a week away.

Restaurants visited recently
Bluegrass Burgers: local bison burger with Gouda cheese and sweet potato fries

City Girl Farm Coffee: soy latte

Bussman’s bakery: pastries

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe: mimosa (labeled on the menu as a gigantic mimosa!) and a local grass-fed burger with bacon and cheese along with sweet potato fries. Yes, I had burgers and sweet potatoes twice this week.

Queen of Sheba: vegetarian combo- injera, salad, variety of lentils, cabbage, and collard greens

Buffalo Wild Wings: jalapeno poppers and Bahama mama drink

Hillbilly Tea Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

Let me preface this with saying groupons do work. I had a groupon to Hillbilly Tea that my parents got me. Sure my meal ended up being free (besides the tip) but the restaurant now has drawn me in with it’s menu and atmosphere and I will most definitely be returning.


Pictured above is the pork belly. Described on their menu as coming with “corn pone, arugula, sorghum vinaigrette, sunny egg”.

Hillbilly Tea
120 South 1st Street
Louisville, KY
(502) 587-7350

Zen Garden Vegetarian Restaurant Sunday, Feb 26 2012 

I have found a new favorite restaurant. It is not new to the city though, it just took me a long time to finally getting around to trying it. Even though I am not a vegetarian, I appreciate and enjoy good vegetarian or vegan food. My dishes I ordered were superb, the atmosphere peaceful and quiet.

Up first: a veggie sushi roll


Finally: orange tofu with white rice – I highly recommend this dish and restaurant if your in the Louisville area


Zen Garden Vegetarian Restaurant
2240 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 895-9114

60 West Bistro & Martini Bar Saturday, Dec 31 2011 

I met a friend for dinner and drinks last night at our usual abode 60 West Bistro & Martini Bar. We went for happy hour where they have $5 martinis. They have specials throughout the week so check their website ahead of time to see which one suits your fancy. FYI, the menu at the restaurant is different than what is posted on the website. Their menu has been updated for the better.

My order from last night:

To start: New Years Kiss martini (how appropriate this time of year)

To eat: 60 West burger- featuring local beef and buns

Dessert: Chocolate martini

60 West Bistro and Martini Bar
3939 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40207