So 2012 is more than half over and I wanted to make myself some goals to finish the year strong. However 3 & 4 obviously don’t apply until the school year starts again.

Goals for the rest of 2012:
1) Complete my 8 week 5K training plan (I haven’t run for a while and need to start from scratch).
2) Be able to run 5 miles without stopping by the end of 2012 (I love running and the way it makes me feel. The farthest I have ever run at once is 4.0 miles).
3) Take one night off during the work week to do non-school related things (I make no secret of the fact that I have a hard time letting go and not thinking about work).
4) Eat lunch away from my desk, preferably with other staff (last year I ate lunch at my desk as quickly as possible while doing work- far from ideal).
5) Continue to follow my updated budget (I am saving to buy my own place hopefully by the mid to end of 2013).
6) Try one new restaurant a month (I like trying new places).
7) Take a risk (I am so a play it safe kind of girl and should be a wee bit more adventurous to make sure I am living life not just watching it).

Anyone else have goals they are working on?