Good Food Monday, Jul 30 2012 

Saturday was my first visit to the St. Matthews farmer’s market since being in Alaska. I got a lot of goodies and they have been making my meals a lot tastier and interesting.





Sunday I met a good friend from high school. I had not seen her in a long time and it was great to catch up. You know it is a good friendship when you can pick up right where you left off. We met at the halfway point in LaGrange. I live in Louisville, she lives in Carrollton so this was perfect. We met at One Nineteen West for dinner. I had pepperocini peppers stuffed with pimento cheese(!) and deep fried. They came with the best hot pepper jelly. I also got a salad with fixings and bleu cheese dressing that had chunks of cheese in it-very tasty. To finish it off I had a slice of banana toffee pie and a bite of bourbon chocolate brownie. It was so good to see Kristin and I cannot wait for her wedding in October!


Dining out Sunday, Apr 22 2012 

This past week was all about dining out. As I type this I am sitting in a restaurant grabbing a light lunch.

I went to Heart & Soy on Bardstown road and got my favorite yellow curry soup and a side of jicama rolls. The picture does not do the soup justice.



That is tofu chocolate peanut butter pie. So good.

I also went to the sister restaurant Roots for the first time:
I got tea


Jicama salad which was so good.


Crispy avocado and tomato rolls


Thursday was another first time for me at the restaurant Dragon King’s Daughter

I got edamame and 2 sushi rolls. Followed by dessert at Sweet Surrender.




After today I will be dining in-well for a few days anyways 🙂