On Thursday my sister worked late so the 3 of us went to one of my favorite places to eat Silver Gulch
Despite slow service we had a great meal. I started off with two of these (the original midori margarita!)

20120715-085032.jpg as we munched on Alaskan Hushpuppies. These had halibut and coconut in them and were served with three sauces- sesame, raspberry jalapeƱo (couldn’t taste the spice though), and a lemon aioli which was my favorite. They were good but i prefer a good Southern cornmeal version. For my entree I had a buffalo burger with gorgonzola cheese and fries.

Friday started off with an early breakfast at The Bakery Restaurant. I had pancakes topped with whipped cream, bananas, and syrup. Later in the day though I was feeling rather sick but luckily rallied by Saturday morning. It was great timing because I needed to head to the farmer’s market in Fairbanks, prep food, and attend my sister’s baby shower that evening. Yummy food to come!